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The Next Generation

With a shared total of 21 years as SCS students, 11 years as SCS moms, and what feels like a lifetime of friendship, Stephanie (Liechty) Meier [2002] and Joanna (Dean) Tu [2004] have the epitome of a full-circle relationship.
“SCS is the kind of place where... even if you aren't really tight with someone, your paths still cross,” explains Joanna. “[Stephanie] and I knew a lot of the same people and it was such a tight-knit place that the foundation for our friendship was definitely formed there. Now, it feels like we have never not known each other! She is like family to me, and so is her family.”

“It feels like we were never not the closest of friends,” agrees Stephanie. “It feels like she’s been my person my whole entire life.”

Since graduating from Salisbury Christian, both Stephanie and Joanna have started families, launched successful careers as Registered Nurses, and chosen to send their children to SCS, to follow in their moms’ footsteps. “My own personal experience with SCS certainly led to me enrolling my children there,” says Stephanie of the choice she and husband Joe [SCS Class of 2000] made for their four children – Elijah (15), Abigail (13), Asher (10), and Olive (6). “I am so thankful for the teachers and staff who show up for my kids. I remember the impact they had on my life, and I feel so grateful that my kids get to experience some of the same exact people I did.”

Joanna agrees, saying she chooses SCS year after year for her Eva (10) and Owen (8) because of the positive impression the school had on her life and because of “the LOVE! The kids are allowed to love and be loved by the wonderful faculty and staff. They are learning and growing in a place that feels safe and comfortable to them… and that means everything to me.”

“When I think about my kids being there, I am filled with emotion,” shares Stephanie. “We keep coming back because it feels like home.”

Because the first Salisbury Christian School graduating class graduated 22 years ago, in 1999, the school is beginning to see an influx of alumni children as students… and considers nothing a higher honor. “When alumni choose to enroll their children at our school, we believe it speaks volumes,” says Dr. Steven Lamkin. “So we are dedicated to providing for those children the same Christ-centered, excellent education afforded to their parents, our alumni.”

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