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The Smith Family

Four SCS Alpha & Omega graduates, decorated with three doctorates in the medical field and a successful financial planning career – the Smith Family has been one to watch since their days at Salisbury Christian School!
Steven and Constance Smith chose Christian education for their children from day one in 1994, continuing in that decision until each of their kids had walked across the SCS graduation stage 20 years later – Whitney in 2009, Adam in 2011, Rachel in 2012, and Luke in 2014. “Once we were there, we never at any point in time thought of leaving,” shares Constance. “The quality and compassion of their instructors and the administrators was exceptional, and our main goal was to place them in an academic environment that would help them to build a strong foundation in Christian character.”

Throughout their time at Salisbury Christian, all four Smith children took advantage of every opportunity afforded them, particularly in the athletic arena as each of them played a sport every season of the year, often leading their teams to championship wins and earning accolades themselves. Athletics was not their only focus, however; each Smith also graduated at the top of his or her class, with clear plans for the future.

After leaving the halls of SCS, Whitney pursued a career in PT and now serves as a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Encompass Health in Salisbury. Adam also developed his passion for healthcare and opened his own practice, Restoration Family Chiropractic in Frederick, Maryland, as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Rachel earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and just returned from a year as a Nurse Practitioner in Hawaii, with an NP position awaiting her here in Salisbury. Luke pursued his business dreams by becoming a Certified Financial Planner™ who now works with Wealthspire in Salisbury. All four Smith children are married or soon-to-be married, and Adam has a son, with another child on the way.

“I believe they were all very well-prepared and gained excellent life skills while at SCS,” shares Constance. “They learned to have self-respect and confidence in themselves, which have allowed them to pursue their passions in life and achieve success in their chosen careers.”

“We have always felt that spending time with them, encouraging them, and believing in them were the most important things we could do for our children. But it takes a village to raise up a child, so going to church and being in school at SCS played a major role in their success.”

Without a doubt, Whitney, Adam, Rachel, and Luke serve as shining examples of the well-rounded, community-oriented, dedicated graduates we seek to produce here at Salisbury Christian School. We are proud to call them Jaguars!

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