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Three Generations

Marilyn, Greg, Cherie, AJ, Jeri, Haley, Colby, Carson, Morgan, Logan, Raegan…
For three generations, the Tucker Family’s lives have intertwined with the growth and journey of Salisbury Christian School. The Tuckers have graced the halls of SCS for nearly 30 years – more than half of our school’s life!

They have witnessed our school from its days of being housed in various churches to the opening of Founder’s Hall to the building of the Nehemiah Center; from Mrs. Joan Ball’s first day of teaching 44 years ago and Mrs. Eugenia Bruce’s days as both founder and kindergarten teacher; from “The Christian School of Salisbury” to “Salisbury Christian School;” from dozens of students in preschool to 580 students from toddlers to 12th grade.

The Tuckers’ SCS story began in 1974, just eight years after the school’s launch, when Marilyn and Howard enrolled their elder son Greg in Mrs. Bruce’s kindergarten class. The family then became further ingrained at SCS as Marilyn accepted a job as the school’s first PE teacher. “I still remember my mother having my younger brother AJ strapped to her back in a baby carrier as she taught at SCS,” shares Greg.

Soon, AJ was also enrolled at SCS, in Mrs. Bruce’s Kindergarten class (to be followed by Mrs. Joan Ball’s 1st grade class - her first teaching assignment!). Greg and AJ remained students at Salisbury Christian until Greg reached high school in 1983, because SCS would not offer high school until 1994. During the Tucker boys’ time as students at Salisbury Christian, the school grew rapidly, adding grades each year and finally acquiring a building of its own in 1979 – Founder’s Hall. “I distinctly remember Mrs. Bruce talking to my mother as they moved into Founder's Hall and stating how she couldn't ever imagine growing out of the building because it was so big and spacious compared to the previous locations,” says Greg. Little did Mrs. Bruce know, her school would more than quintuple in numbers in the decades to come.

Fast forwarding 13 years from the original Tuckers’ time at SCS – Greg’s young wife Cherie brought the family back to the school in 1996 by teaching 4th grade for two years. Greg and AJ have since been involved as well, with AJ serving on the Board of Governors and Greg donating his time and expertise to volunteer work on the school grounds. Greg’s wife Cherie recently returned to the SCS faculty as a PreK-4 assistant, and AJ’s wife Jeri has dedicated innumerable hours to service in the SCS Drama Department and lunchroom.

Perhaps most importantly, the Tuckers have remained committed to Christian education for the next generation, enrolling a total of six students at Salisbury Christian School, with the youngest two set to graduate in 2023. “I’ve sent my children to SCS because of the quality Christian education that presents God and the way He intended the family and world to be,” shares Greg. “Proverbs 22:6 states, ‘Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.’ My parents lived out this verse for my brother and me, and that is what I attempt to do every day for my children. SCS comes alongside families and is able to reinforce that in the classroom.”

What a beautiful, God-honoring legacy Marilyn and Howard Tucker left behind – an unwavering commitment to providing a solid Christian foundation for their children and grandchildren that will have an eternal impact in each of their lives. From Marilyn’s days in PE to Colby and Raegan’s upcoming graduation – we are honored to call the Tuckers a three-generation SCS family!

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