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House System

As a Pre-K through 12th grade school, we are uniquely positioned to impact students as leaders and Christ-followers in a variety of ways.  One of our intentional goals is to foster a sense of unity and common purpose across our campus, from our youngest to our oldest students.  With that end in mind, in 2018, we launched a new school-wide initiative with our student body: The SCS House System!  

Our House System is rooted in traditions established in European boarding schools, where students are broken into teams (or houses) that foster a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and friendly competition.  All SCS students and staff members were sorted into one of five houses and will stay a part of that house throughout the duration of their time at SCS.  Each house is identified with a color and named by a Christian character trait:

  • Purple - Fellowship
  • Blue - Courage
  • Green - Justice
  • Red - Service
  • Yellow - Grace

Additionally, the SCS House System is a unique and fun way to support a positively focused school culture and allow students the opportunity to be part of a lasting legacy at SCS.  A point system is used to reinforce positive behavior, to develop teamwork, and to encourage friendly competition and good sportsmanship.  The Houses are also tied to spiritual life initiatives within each school division, such as small mentoring groups and community missions projects.