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Resource Services

We believe that each child is uniquely created and gifted by God and possesses traits, skills, life experiences, and personalities that are different than any other child.  The Resource Program is offered to all students at Salisbury Christian School who need assistance with learning differences or mild learning disabilities.  As a Christian school, our Resource Department seeks to model an inclusive environment that helps each and every student succeed (Luke 14:12-14).

Admission for students with a diagnosed learning difference will be determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the scope of severity and the school’s ability to meet those needs.  The Principal and the Director of Resource Programs review each student's educational and/or psychological testing, I.E.P. or 504 Plan (if transferring from a public school), and any other special education information that can be provided to determine if the same or similar services (noted on the I.E.P.) can be provided at SCS.

At the elementary level, students qualifying for resource assistance may receive push-in service from the Resource Department in the general education classroom and/or pull-out remediation as needed.  At the secondary level, students qualifying for resource assistance are offered a coached study hall, during which they work on course work with the assistance and instruction of the resource staff.  Accommodations will also be implemented to ensure the student’s success in the general education classroom under the supervision of the resource staff. 

Wilson Reading Intervention

Due to the nature of young learners and the complexity of the reading process, reading challenges are common for elementary children and are not always indicative of a specific learning disability.  SCS utilizes the Wilson Reading Programs, which are research-based, supplemental programs designed to help close the reading gap for struggling readers when regular, differentiated instruction within the classroom is not enough.  The Wilson Programs emphasize a systematic approach to phonics, decoding, and fluency.  Pull-out groups typically meet three times each week, for thirty minutes per session.  

Every fall, winter, and spring, SCS administers a series of benchmark assessments to all students in grades K – 5.  Based on these scores, standardized test scores, and classroom performance, students may be recommended for the Wilson Reading Intervention Program.  Parents of said children will be sent a permission slip and are welcome to schedule a meeting with the classroom teacher and reading specialist for further explanation.

Additional fees apply to cover Resource Program costs.