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Media Center

The Ruth Anderson White Media Center is designed to meet the curricular and research needs of our students in 4th through 12th grades and to provide wholesome materials for reading enjoyment through an extensive collection of novels, graphic novels, non-fiction works, and audio books.  We intentionally select our books to meet the interests of our students while maintaining a commitment to our school's core values.  In addition to furnishing our older students with reading materials, the Media Center provides them with a space for studying and conducting online academic research.

Media Center Catalog 


Online Academic Database

Black Studies Center is a fully cross-searchable gateway to Black Studies, including scholarly essays, recent periodicals, historical newspaper articles, reference books, and much more.

CultureGrams is a leading reference for cultural information of the countries of the world.  Discover a one-of-a-kind perspective on daily life and culture, including the background, customs, and lifestyles of the world's people.

eLibrary Science contains thousands of full-text and multimedia files that help researchers better understand concepts in science. 

eLibrary Curriculum Edition — the ultimate easy-to-use curriculum and reference resource — delivers one of the largest collections of periodical and digital media content designed specifically for K-12 schools and libraries.

History Study Center offers schools valuable historical reference material that covers more than 2000 years of history.  It's a unique reference tool that delivers a comprehensive collection of primary and secondary source material relevant to the study of history and social studies.

Learn360 is a streaming digital delivery service for the K–12 educational market.  Access more than 130,000 multimedia resources, including high-quality full-length videos, video clips, images, audio files, articles, activities, worksheets, and more.

ProQuest Learning: Literature offers 3,000 author pages, giving access to biographies, original works, book reviews and criticism, and contextual multimedia to enhance the study of a particular text.  Poetry resources include more than 185,000 full-text poems, as well as the Poets on Screen collection, which displays contemporary poets reading their favorite personal works.  Drama students will find theatre reviews, images from productions, and images and video to provide historical background or to inspire stage design or costumes.

ProQuest Research Library Prep is a collection of databases full of information to help students, parents, and teachers explore accurate, authoritative articles and reference materials about most academic subjects.

Science Online is the the award-winning, redesigned database that offers students and researchers a wealth of comprehensive content and a dynamic design to facilitate STEM research and learning.

Password required on SCS campus. 
SIRS® Decades places source documents into a relevant framework for understanding.  The solution features more than 5,000 hand-selected primary and secondary source articles highlighting key events, movements, people, and places in 20th-century America.

SIRS® Discoverer is a general reference database for elementary and middle school learners, researchers, and educators that covers curriculum area content sets such as reading, language arts, current events, science, social studies, history, health, and technology.

SIRS Knowledge Source (SKS) provides information that supports research, study, and homework in key curricula subjects.  Special emphasis is placed on topics like social issues, science, history, U.S. government, arts, and humanities.

The World Almanac for Kids Online erases the line between homework support and fun exploration and includes exclusive online-only material, as well as content.  Each subject area provides resources for elementary- and middle school-level homework, reports, and projects; and students can explore age-appropriate topics while developing online research skills with a trusted content source.

Online academic databases do not require passwords when accessed on the SCS campus.  Students may obtain a password from the Media Center to access the databases off campus.