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Early Learning Center


At SCS, we know that a child's first school experiences set the stage for his or her entire academic career. Our Early Learning Center program is designed to give students a joyful welcome to the world of formalized learning! Each classroom is staffed by a degreed and certified early childhood educator and instructional assistants, who understand the nature of young learners and are able to provide much more than simply a daycare experience.  We believe that students should be exposed to a strong academic foundation, while maintaining a developmentally appropriate emphasis on learning through play. 

Age Eligibility

Age is a factor used to determine admission for students entering our Early Learning Center programs in order to maintain compliance with the State of Maryland Office of Child Care and Maryland State Department of Education for kindergarten readiness. Our experience has shown that children in these age groups are generally more successful academically and socially when these guidelines are followed.  Additionally, students enrolling in a PreKindergarten class are expected to be toilet trained.


6 - 17 months


18 - 23 months


Age 2 by September 1 of current school year


Age 3 by September 1 of current school year


Age 4 by September 1 of current school year


Infants, Toddlers, & PreK-2

  • 5 full-day enrollment
  • Student-to-adult ratio:  3:1 - Infants & Toddlers, 6:1 - PreK-2


PreKindergarten 3 & 4

  • 5 full-day or 3 full-day (Monday - Wednesday) enrollment options
  • Maximum student-to-adult ratio of 10:1

Extended care option for PreK-2 and older -- limited availability