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Bruce Library

The Bruce Library, located in Founders Hall, is named for our school’s founder, Mrs. Eugenia Bruce.  A wide range of children’s literature and non-fiction texts are available for student checkout and to support our lower school curriculum.  Lower school students visit the library weekly as an encore subject and are introduced to a variety of genres as they spend time developing literacy and research skills.

Our library also serves as the hub for many lower-school-wide programs that are implemented to help foster a lifelong love of reading in our students.  Some examples include:

  • Little Playground Library
    In an effort to keep books in the hands of kids at all times, our Little Playground Library gives students the opportunity to read and share stories together, even at recess time!
  • Incentives & Special Events
    Throughout the year, several incentives and activities are offered through the library to keep our students motivated to read.  Celebrating “Read Across America Week” is always a fun highlight!
  • Scholastic Book Fair
    We host a Scholastic Book Fair each spring, where students and community members can stock up on great books and other gifts for readers.
  • Book Talk Tuesday
    Each week, a student or staff member shares a book recommendation on our live morning announcement broadcast.  It is a great way to get kids talking about what they are reading!
  • Research Databases