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Faculty & Staff Directory

  Name Title Group
Donna Anderson Anderson, Donna Math Department Chair
Tori Anderson Anderson, Tori PK4 Instructional Assistant
Tuition Assistance Assistance, Tuition
Rebecca Balliet Balliet, Rebecca PK3 Instructional Assistant
Jessica Billard Billard, Jessica Lower School Art Teacher
Tabitha Bova Bova, Tabitha Director of Resource Department
Josaline Brittingham Brittingham, Josaline Instructional Assistant
Monica Brooks Brooks, Monica Foreign Language Teacher
Daria Brumbley Brumbley, Daria Administrative Assistant
Sally Choquette Choquette, Sally Bible Teacher
Rebecca Clark Clark, Rebecca HR Specialist
Michael Cody Cody, Michael Math Teacher
Betsey Cooper Cooper, Betsey Upper School Science Teacher
Carrie Dailey Dailey, Carrie Fourth Grade Teacher
Janice Davis Davis, Janice Lower School Music Teacher
Karla Douglas Douglas, Karla Instructional Assistant
Savannah Dukes Dukes, Savannah Coach
Courtney Dunn Dunn, Courtney Upper School Math Teacher
Shane Endicott Endicott, Shane Physical & Family Education Department Chair
Hannah Ennis Ennis, Hannah Fifth Grade Teacher
Kathleen (Kate) Etling Etling, Kathleen (Kate) Upper School Bible Teacher
Jennifer Evans Evans, Jennifer First Grade Teacher
William Fennelly Fennelly, William Athletic Director
Katherine Freese Freese, Katherine Upper School Math Teacher
Kristine Fullerton Fullerton, Kristine Upper School Office Manager
David Gladmon Gladmon, David Maintenance Personnel
Jancy Glisson Glisson, Jancy PK3 Teacher
Matthew Goostree Goostree, Matthew Science Teacher
Sherilyn Grant Grant, Sherilyn Lower School Principal
Jeanne Green Green, Jeanne Kindergarten Teacher
Amy Harrison Harrison, Amy Instructional Assistant
Eugene Hawke Hawke, Eugene Physical Education / Health Teacher
Raymond Hoffman Hoffman, Raymond Bus Driver
Catiana Holbrook Holbrook, Catiana Maintenance Personnel
Margaret Holland Holland, Margaret Office Assistant
Cathy Hudson Hudson, Cathy Assistant for Advancement Office
Holly Hudson Hudson, Holly School Nurse
Tracey Hudson Hudson, Tracey Second Grade Teacher
Nathan Hyde Hyde, Nathan English Teacher
Lisa Jacob Jacob, Lisa Technology Teacher
Tammy Jenkins Jenkins, Tammy K-8 Guidance Counselor
Denise Johnson Johnson, Denise Bookkeeper
B. Ross Kaelin Kaelin, B. Ross Assistant Principal / Director of Facilities
Joanne Katzaman Katzaman, Joanne PK4 Teacher
Kathy Keim Keim, Kathy English Department Chair
April Kelly Kelly, April Second Grade Teacher
Katherine Koester Koester, Katherine Upper School Social Studies Teacher
Ricky Lambertson Lambertson, Ricky Third Grade Teacher
Steven Lamkin Lamkin, Steven Head of School Academic Admin
Gretchen Long Long, Gretchen Instructional Assistant
Kasi Lyndaker Lyndaker, Kasi High School Guidance Counselor
Sallie Magee Magee, Sallie Director of Business Operations
Robin Matthews Matthews, Robin Upper School Social Studies Teacher
Sara McConnell McConnell, Sara Bookkeeper
Lauren Mills Mills, Lauren Upper School Music Teacher
Sharon Morgan-Evans Morgan-Evans, Sharon Upper School Resource Teacher
Michelle Morrison Morrison, Michelle Social Studies Department Chair
Elisabeth Murphy Murphy, Elisabeth Director of Marketing
Cynthia Nichols Nichols, Cynthia Maintenance Personnel
Carol Osmon Osmon, Carol Science Teacher
Joy Peoples Peoples, Joy Fourth Grade Teacher
Dixie Pinette Pinette, Dixie Instructional Assistant
Andrea Price Price, Andrea Bus Driver
Burma Raab Raab, Burma Maintenance Personnel
Trish Robins Robins, Trish Lower School Office Manager
Darlena Roesti-Butler Roesti-Butler, Darlena Media/Reading Specialist
James Seip Seip, James Technology/Fine Arts Department Chair
Linda Shockley Shockley, Linda Instructional Assistant
David Smith Smith, David Band Teacher
Sierra Smith Smith, Sierra English Teacher
Jonathan Sutton Sutton, Jonathan Director of Admissions
Shannon Thomas Thomas, Shannon Fifth Grade Teacher
Emily Thornes Thornes, Emily First Grade Teacher
Cathy Townsend Townsend, Cathy Director of Development
Cherie Tucker Tucker, Cherie PK4 Instructional Assistant
Dustin Turner Turner, Dustin Upper School Principal
Gregory Twilley Twilley, Gregory Assistant Director of Facilities
Sarah VonParis VonParis, Sarah Coach
Jarrell Whaley Whaley, Jarrell Bible Teacher / Instructional Assistant
Melody White White, Melody Kindergarten Teacher
Ervin Whitehurst Whitehurst, Ervin Maintenance Personnel
Brent Wilhelm Wilhelm, Brent Director of Technology
Casey Willingham Willingham, Casey Upper School Library Coordinator
Janice Wilson Wilson, Janice Executive Assistant to Administration
Pamela Witzke Witzke, Pamela Foreign Language Teacher
Christine Workman Workman, Christine Third Grade Teacher