Salisbury Christian School’s Technology Department exists to ensure that the school’s academic mission may be fulfilled. Our goal is to provide the means for curricular support and enhancement,  and communication. In addition, our role is to teach students to think critically, retrieve and manage information, and to solve problems creatively using the ubiquitous technological tools available in their day-to-day lives.
Each classroom area (PreK – 12th grade) is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, which allows every student exposure  and experience of technology-rich lessons within most content areas. SCS has two wired computer labs as well as two mobile labs available for both regularly scheduled classes and teacher directed lab times. Our two libraries have dedicated computers for individual research and exploration, during school and after school as needed. Wireless access is available as an adjunct to the wired network. As technologies emerge, the department will add new services to leverage the use of student owned devices.
At the high school level, students have opportunities to gain hands-on experience in all aspects of producing a daily newscast. They also can learn AV or sound skills to support weekly chapels, multiple drama productions, and performing arts assemblies.