Special Student Services

Upper School Resource

SCS serves students with mild learning problems or disabilities who have been formally identified, either by medical personnel or by psychological and educational professionals. Excluded from this program are students with mental retardation, autism, deafness, blindness and behavioral disorders, as well as developmental speech and language disorderrs.
To qualify for services, the Principal and the Director of Special Student Services review the student’s I.E.P., the psychological and educational reports, and any other special education information that can be provided to determine if the same services (noted on the I.E.P. or evaluations) can be provided at SCS. If there is an agreement that services can be provided, a Modifications and Accommodations form will be completed with input from the parents, past recommendations and services from former schools, and SCS special education teachers. This form (much like the 504 form used in public schools) will mandate in-class accommodations and modifications that will guarantee successful student learning. The special education teacher will be responsible for implementation and reviewing and up-dating the recommendations annually.
The Upper School Resource program provides services in two ways. Students are involved in coached study halls in which the special education teacher can assist with assignments and homework, and  in pull-out time when classroom assistance is needed with testing situations or writing assignments. The Wilson “Just Words “ Program is offered to those students with reading disabilities and is implemented in individual tutoring sessions.  The special education teacher also monitors and tracks all students’ progress on Renweb on a weekly basis.

Upper School Enrichment

ASCI (Association of Christian Schools International) competitions are offered to all students in grades six to twelve. These include spelling bees, speech meets, math olympics and creative writing festivals. Winners then participate in regional competitions. SCS also offers twice a month club activities that enrich students such as debate club, chess club and academic club. The Academic club participates in two annual competitions  - the It’s Academic competition in Baltimore and the regional Stephen Decatur Academic Challenge.