Les Miserables

The SCS Drama Department stormed the musical barricade this spring with their production of Les Miserables, School Edition, a story full of salvation, mercy, unrequited love, redeemed prisoners, unrepentant thieves, and fiery revolutionaries in 19th century France.

Les Miserables, which includes well-known songs such as "I Dreamed a Dream" and "One Day More," is the world's longest-running musical and the third longest-running musical in Broadway history.  “A show like this comes with an expectation,” says Producer Kris Fullerton.  “The story is very familiar to and treasured by audiences, so we had to be sure to do it justice.”

With deeply emotional themes and challenging vocals, Les Miserables is a significant undertaking for any cast, but the SCS Drama Department rose to the occasion.

“These students knew what it takes to produce a show like this, and the older students rose up as leaders.  They were so steeped, so invested in their characters and the production as a whole that their fervor was contagious to the rest of the cast and crew,” explains Mrs. Fullerton.  “That is what made this musical a success.”

After months of daily rehearsals full of music, choreography, set building, and character development, approximately fifty 6th through 12th grade students presented six performances of Les Miserables in four days to more than 500 audience members.

“The number of performances was the toughest part,” says senior Jaben Beiler, who played lead character Jean Valjean.  “The vocals were demanding and singing for so many hours every day was a challenge.”  But for Jaben, the effort was well worth it.  “I grew up listening to Les Mis in the car on family road trips, so playing the role of Jean Valjean was a dream come true.”

In fact, a number of the cast members had been requesting the chance to tackle Les Mis for years.  “These students truly wanted the challenge of Les Miserables and we finally pursued it this year because I knew we would be capable of casting the roles with our available talent,” says Mrs. Fullerton.  “These students worked hard to grasp the story's complex themes and historical ties, to master the difficult vocals and rich characters.  They absolutely exceeded my expectations!”