Special Student Services



SCS serves students with mild learning problems or disabilities who have been formally identified, either by medical personnel or by psychological and educational professionals.

To qualify for services, the Principal and the Director of Special Student Services review the student's I.E.P., the psychological and educational reports, and any other special education information that can be provided to determine if the same services (noted on the I.E.P.) can be provided at SCS.  Admission will be determined on a case-by-case basis during the admissions process, depending on the scope of severity and the school’s ability to meet those needs.

At the elementary level, students qualifying for resource assistance will receive push-in service from the resource department in the general education classroom, and pull-out remediation as needed.  Accommodations will also be implemented to ensure the student’s success in the classroom under the supervision of the resource staff.  At the middle and high school level, students can enroll in a coached study hall with resource staff.  Accommodations are also implemented within the general education classroom.  Additional fees apply to cover the program costs.


Lower School Wilson Reading Intervention

The Wilson Reading Programs are research-based, supplemental programs designed to help close the reading gap for struggling readers when regular, differentiated instruction within the classroom is not enough.

Every fall, winter, and spring, all students in grades K – 5 are administered the DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Early Literacy Skills) benchmark assessment.  Based on these scores, along with standardized test scores and classroom performance, students will be recommended for the Wilson Intervention Program.  Parents will be sent a permission slip and are welcome to schedule a meeting with the classroom teacher and reading specialist for further explanation.

Students who enter the Wilson program in Kindergarten and 1st grade will receive instruction from the Fundations curriculum.  This program emphasizes a systematic approach to phonics and decoding.  Groups will meet three times per week, for thirty minutes.  Students who enter the Wilson program in 2nd through 5th grades will receive instruction from the Wilson Reading System.  This program emphasizes a systematic approach to phonics and fluency.  Groups will meet three times per week, for thirty minutes.


Upper School Wilson Reading Intervention

The Wilson Just Words curriculum gives individuals with word-level deficits a chance to become fluent, independent readers. Just Words instruction provides reading and spelling “basics” for older students.  Just Words will be offered to students in 6th – 8th grades during an elective period each day, beginning in the month of October.  Students will be recommended for participation by the resource teachers.



SCS meets the needs of gifted children by providing in-class differentiated instruction.  Further, gifted students in grades 3-5 have the opportunity to participate in our Newton Project, an after-school enrichment program.  
In addition, SCS is involved in many enrichment opportunities such as spelling bees, speech meets, Math Olympics, creative writing festivals, and an “It’s Academic” team.