The Fundamentals

SCS's elementary teachers and instructional assistants seek to provide learning experiences that excite children's natural desire to learn. Daily teaching of phonics and blending strategies along with early reading opportunities continue to move children toward literacy.

Fundamentals such as language arts, writing, mathematics, science and social studies are taught in order to develop an early foundation for learning. Biblical worldview integration is evidenced throughout the curriculum in addition to students' participation in daily Bible class and weekly chapel service. Students also participate in physical education, art, music and library on a weekly basis.


Lifelong Learners

Upper elementary grades offer students the opportunity to expand and broaden their knowledge and inspire them to become lifelong learners. Teachers and assistants utilize various instructional methods to challenge students in the study of God's world through exposure to language arts, writing, mathematics, science and social studies.

Developing writing skills, building reading fluency and learning and applying comprehension strategies through the use of a variety of genre are foundational curriculum goals throughout the upper elementary grades. Additionally, strengthening problem-solving skills and promoting logical thinking and research are daily integrated into the educational experience. Special subject areas include physical education, art, music and library. Students have weekly chapel service as well as daily Bible class which encourage personal application of biblical truths.