The Board of Governors is charged with the general oversight of the operations and business affairs of SCS. Its specific duties include establishing tuition and fees, approving the budget, and appointing and supporting the Head of School. The actual day-to-day administration of SCS is delegated to the Head of School who administers the school within the policies set by the Board.

The governance framework that SCS utilizes is described as "policy governance" and is based upon the concepts developed by John Carver. This form of governance is summarized in "The Basic Principles of Policy Governance."

The members of the Board of Governors include persons with diverse business, personal and professional experience who are passionately committed to serving the Lord Jesus Christ by serving the children and families of SCS.



Mr. Alfred Brumbley, Chairman

Mr. Randy O'Neal, Vice Chairman

Dr. Tim Morrison, Secretary

Mr. Michael Magee, Treasurer

Mrs. Lisa Spicer, PTF Representative

Mr. Michael Levengood

Mr. C.R. Murphy

Dr. Jeffrey Benner

Dr. Celeste Ziara-Sansom

Mrs. Gayle Quillin

Mr. Joseph Schroen

Mrs. Cathy Townsend


Ex-Officio Members:

Mr. John Petrey, Head of School
Dr. Jeffrey Anderson, Member Emeritus
James T. Fox, Sr., Member Emeritus