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Current Job Openings:

  • Salisbury Christian School is accepting applications for early childhood, elementary, middle school, and high school teachers in all content areas for the 2018-19 school year. We are seeking relational, student-centered, and enthusiastic individuals. Successful candidates will hold at least a bachelor's degree in the content area, but a master's is preferred.  Full-time; health benefits available; salary commensurate with experience.
  • Extended Care Staff
    Salisbury Christian School is seeking to hire caring, energetic, and enthusiastic staff members for our Extended Care program.  This is a fantastic way to build a resume and gain experience working in the field of education and child care.  Positions are available Mondays through Fridays from 7:00-8:05am and 3:00-5:30pm.  Job responsibilities include building mentoring relationships with children during times of play, supervising a healthy snack time, and providing homework help.  Interested applicants should be prepared to share a Christian testimony of a personal relationship with Jesus.  College-aged Education majors are highly encouraged to apply; special consideration will be given to Elementary and Secondary Ed majors and those willing to complete classes as required by the State of Maryland.  Inquiries can be directed to Mrs. Christi Engle, Director of ExtendedCare, at cengle@salisburychristian.org.

  • Middle School Teacher
    Salisbury Christian School is seeking a teacher who holds an education degree through 8th grade to teach more than one subject area. A successful candidate is enthusiastic, relational, and strives for a student-centered classroom. Our teachers are expected to have talents/skills to share in a student club setting and to mentor groups of students. Full-time; health benefits available; salary commensurate with experience.

  • Science Teacher
    SCS is seeking an innovative, enthusiastic, and relational science teacher. Candidates must hold a degree in chemistry or biology and have a minimum of three years’ experience. Master’s degree preferred. Core courses offered include Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and AP Biology. Successful candidates will have talents/skills to share in a student club setting. Full-time, health benefits available. 

  • Upper School Principal
    Salisbury Christian School is seeking an upper school principal who will serve as the chief administrator, educational leader, and spiritual shepherd for the staff and students in grades 6-12. The principal is responsible for implementing and managing the policies and procedures established by the Board of Governors and the head of school to ensure that the vision, mission, and values of Salisbury Christian School are realized in the day-to-day operation of grades 6-12.  As the leader of the Upper School, the principal must communicate effectively with staff, students, parents, members of the community, and colleagues in other schools.  Interested applicants should complete an administration application and submit it, along with a resume, to Mrs. Kris Fullerton at kfullerton@salisburychristian.org.

  • Varsity Girls Basketball Head Coach
    Salisbury Christian School is seeking a reliable, enthusiastic, and experienced head coach for the SCS Varsity Girls Basketball Team for the upcoming 2018-19 season.  The season will run from mid-November to early March.  The head coach will be responsible for planning and leading 2-3 practices per week, in addition to coaching 2-3 games per week in the regular season.  At minimum, applicants should have experience playing high school or college basketball or at least one year of coaching the sport.  Preferred candidates will have played basketball at the college level or coached more than one year of high school or college basketball.  Preferred candidates will also have a vision for success of girls basketball at the varsity, middle school, and lower school levels at Salisbury Christian School.  If you are interested in applying, please complete the staff application and submit it, along with an account of your playing and coaching experience, to CJ Huntington, Director of Athletics, at chuntington@salisburychristian.org.

  • Substitute Teachers


For current and future openings, please fax a cover letter, resume, and application to:

          Mrs. Kris Fullerton
          Salisbury Christian School

You may also mail your cover letter, resume, and application to:

          Mrs. Kris Fullerton
          Salisbury Christian School
          807 Parker Road
          Salisbury, MD  21804