About SCS

We at Salisbury Christian School dedicate all of our energy to providing our 550 students with a thorough, creative, rigorous, and stimulating educational career.  We believe that each child is different and needs an individually-tailored educational experience, so we take full advantage of our small class sizes, providing our students with differentiated, challenging learning opportunities from Pre-K3 to grade 12.

Further, we believe that our dedication to Jesus Christ makes us distinctive and calls us to a higher level of achievement.  God calls us to excellence in all aspects of our lives, so we apply that excellence to educating your children.  We give our students abundant opportunities both inside and outside the classroom to discover who they are and who God is in their lives.  We provide high-level academics, championship-winning athletics, and award-winning art and fine arts programs to help develop our students into well-rounded human beings.

Ultimately, we seek to create students who stand at graduation regretting the fact that they must leave but reveling in the knowledge that they are prepared for their future.  We welcome you and your children to join us in this endeavor!